Friday, January 26, 2007

On the road again...

Currently I am travelling... I am on the way to Norway to meet Malin and Dag!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Olesea is originally from Taraclia. So we had a trip to this city or I would rather say village on the south of Moldova. We enter to Taraclia.

Now you see something like monument. There's written "Welcome" in 3 languages: Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian. Why Bulgarian? In Taraclia live many Bulgarians.

Here you see the lyceum Olesea was learning in.

This is a monument to all those who died in the wars. On those stones are inscriptions with the names of wars which took lifes of many people.

Christmas and the New Year

Well, Christmas came to Europe but not to Moldova. Here people don't celebrate Christmas on December 24. They celebrate it on January 6. And that wonderful tree is attribute of the New Year and gifts are given to the New Year.

Here we've prepared cards for my owner Michele and her daughter.

Then we lighted candle.

Here's Christmas or New Year tree =)

And we also lighted bengal lights!

Again with it.

Moldovan Wells

When you travel somewhere in Moldova you often meet wells on your way. They allow those thursty to drink water and continue their travel. I decided to show you 2 wells.

This one is new. It's built on the place where the old one was. You may see those long stick. Earlier they helped people to get water from wells.