Thursday, November 16, 2006

Village Gratiesti

I'm travelling around Moldova. Photos from Chisinau, where I stay, come later. Now about my short trip to Gratiesti. If you look on the photo attentively you see in my back that village. It's typical Moldovan village. There are no any attractions. We went there because it was good weather and there's lake near the city. I've seen typical Moldovan landscape. Hills, hills, hills...

On the next photo you see the lake near Gratiesti. Olesea told me that last winter it was really cold in Moldova and on the lake you see in my back even cars drove! It was something like rally on the ice!

Fortunately Moldova is friendly to me and the weather is so nice!!! It's already November 16 and it's about +15C. That's so great outside!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I meet Funtik

I knew that Olesea has little guinea pig who is called Funtik. Michele gave me some sweets for him. I decided I should give them to Funtik as soon as I meet him and see if he likes them.

Our meeting was great! I like my new friend! And he also likes me. He even kissed my leg!!! I offered him sweets and he seems to be interested in trying them.

Wow! He likes them! I'm so happy! Thank you Michele! Now we see each other every day and we play a lot. So, I found new friend!

My first day in Moldova

When I arrived to Moldova it was already evening. It was rainy and really cold evening. I was very tired after all those long hours in the bus. Fortunately, I was taken to a warm appartment where I was hosted very nice. You guess that I was hungry. I was given fried potatos, meat and as a dessert - peach yoghurt.

Then I run to computer to write Michele about my arrival. I knew she was worrying about me.

Olesea asked me to help her with that "Little garden" I brought to her. I showed her how it should be. We both hope soon there appears green grass.

After that long day I went to bed. I was sleeping with many other Teddy bears. It was so nice. I was feeling like home...