Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back to plane!!!

After a long days work I rest in the airport lounge at Gardermoen.

Looking at our plane bound for Stavanger.

Teddy in the air!

Here you can see in the train from Stavanger to Hellvik.

Right now I am having holidays at Lyngør (South Norway) - soon you can see here more photos!

My trip to Oslo

Malin and Dag went to Oslo for a weekend and I travelled with them. Here at Aker Brygge in front of the boat "Prinsessen" (the Princess).

I visited the Nobel peace centre!

Here at the main entrance.

Here you can see me looking at the city hall.

Here I am on my way to some important international meetings at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs!

Teddy in Hellvik

After the long travel I needed some fresh air. Here in Malin´s garden.

The view of Hellvik...

Teddy meets Leo!

Malin´s cat Leo was also curious about the newly arrived guest....Will Leo eat me?!

Of course not! :-D
Leo and me became good friends already the first day!

My arrival in Norway

Finally I arrived at Malin and Dag in Norway, in end of june! I travelled together with a bunch of friendly frogs from Michèle and Olesea

Hungry after the long journey - I had a meel of frog sweeties.

Malin collect frog figures, and some of them wished me welcome!