Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have reached my destination fast and safely. I had to spend only one night in the bag. In the evening hours I reached Chisinau and already met Funtik, Olesea´s guinea pig. Photos are coming soon!

Everyone was happy to see me and I also brought many presents to my new friends. Everything arrived safely!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Have a nice trip, Teddy!

Today at 12:30 I went to Moldova. The bus´destination is Tiraspol, but I will leave the bus already in Chisinau and meet Olesea there.

In that bag I am travelling to Chisinau...

Ready to go!

I get ready for my big day...the start of my journey. The first stop will be the Republic of Moldova!

I have learned a bit Russian for my trip and I hope to improve my language skills during my stay in Moldova.

Of course I travel with a passport...here you can see me with my passport:

Doing some sightseeing

Before I go on my trip my owner and me did some sightseeing in my hometown Berlin.

Here you can see me at the Checkpoint Charly.

This is the club Felix..rumours say that even Britney Spears was already here...

Sitting on the bus stop...in the background is Potsdamer Platz

Will I fly with Lufthansa during my trip?

I met another bear! A buddy bear!

Will I fly with Aeroflot?

I met a completly exhausted Goleo, the mascot of the great football World Cup this year.

Here you can see me in front of the "Deutscher Bundestag", from here Germany is governed.

Me, Brandenburger Tor and in the background is the tv tower!

Sitting next to sculpture in the Brandenburger Tor.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

In a restaurant

Yammi, Banana split :)

Furthermore I had some french fries...

Teddy meets cat!

Here you can see me sitting on the balcony next to our cat Mietzi :)

Trip to Heidelberg...

Finally here they are...the photos of Teddy´s trip to Heidelberg...

It was a long trip with the car that brought him to Heidelberg in Southern Germany.

A bridge in Heidelberg´s city centre....

A monkey on the riverside of the Neckar...

In the background you see...the famous
Heidelberg castle!

Sitting in the sun next to a little fontaine...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Berlin, Berlin! :)

Hello, here the first photos of me in my hometown...

Me on the parking lot of the Praktiker, a do-it-yourself store...where we do some planespotting...

Me, sitting in a tram :)

On a mailbox...
Hello? ;) A public phone

Tomorrow I will show you photos of my first little trip...to Heidelberg!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello world!


I´m Teddy and I want to see the world!

I come from Berlin and was born, no, bought in a store in Berlin-Mitte. Now I want to see the world and will travel from one person to the next. I´m searching for nice and reliable (!) people who want to host me for a period of approxamitly one month and show me their hometown and its sights as well as their every day life. I´m searching for
many new friends all around the world.

My first destinations are already choosen, I will go to Moldova, Norway, Canada and Russia...but what comes then? We will see!